The Guildry owns a range of properties in Perth and Craigmakerran, near Guildtown.

Rental Property – High Street, Perth

We have three flats at No.70 and at 72/74 we have office premises which are currently leased to Aberdein Considine.

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42 George Street, Perth

This first floor flat was occupied by solicitors who acted as clerks for the Guildry over the years and when the last clerk died in 1982 the Guildry bought it for its office use. It is where our secretary carries out the day to day administration.
It is also home to our archives and Guild Courts are sometimes held there, dependant on the number of admissions.
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Guild Hall 102/106 High Street

The first Guild Hall was built when the ground was purchased in 1722. This hall lasted precariously until 1906, when the Management Committee of the day decided to demolish it and erect a new hall on the site.
The foundation stone was laid in 1907 by reigning Dean of Guild James Barlas. The hall was officially opened on 29th August 1908 and it served as the focal point for all the Guild’s activities until 1988 when as a result of damage sustained during neighbouring building works the hall was beyond economic repair and it was sold for development. The funds were subsequently used to purchase 5 Atholl Place, Perth.
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Craigmakerran Estate

In the early 18th century the Estate was purchased in three portions between 1733 and 1734. It now consists of the farms of Hallroom, Redford, Loanhead and Newlands all located at Guildtown and Wolfhill.
The mansion house is situated on Craigmakerran Hill a prominent feature of the estate with a magnificent view to the west and south. In the early part of the nineteenth century the Incorporation erected a large room on the rock for the accommodation of the Dean of Guild and his Committee on the occasion of their visit to the estate.
After a time Mr Robert Stirling, Draper, Perth, entered into an arrangement with the Guildry under which he was to build an addition to the large room, and to form the whole into a dwelling house. At the end of his lease he was to receive back two thirds of his outlay. This arrangement was carried out, and Craigmakerran House as it now stands (except a few small additions) came into existence.
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