A Friendly and Charitable Organisation

The Guildry Incorporation of the City of Perth or the "Guildry" as it is familiarly known, is of great antiquity, and is the direct descendant of the Merchant Gild which received its royal recognition in the famous Charter which King William the Lion granted to the City of Perth in 1210.

Our Guildry was an early friendly society, it supported members who had fallen on hard times, infirm members, widows and students.

Nowadays the Guildry is a charitable organisation which continues to provide support for its members by way of bursaries, pensions etc. and also supports deserving local causes.

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The Guildry is a registered Scottish Charity, No. SC008072

The Lord Dean

Lord Dean of Guild, Louis Flood

Well-known local photographer Louis Flood was elected as Lord Dean of Guild in May 2015.