Retention Policy – Publish Date 21/2/18

1: Purpose

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that necessary records and documents of are adequately protected and maintained and to ensure that records that are no longer needed by The Guildry Incorporation of Perth or are of no value are discarded at the proper time. This Policy is also for the purpose of aiding employees of The Guildry Incorporation of Perth in understanding their obligations in retaining electronic documents - including e-mail, Web files, text files, sound and movie files, PDF documents, and all Microsoft Office or other formatted files.

2: Policy

This Policy represents the Guildry Incorporation of Perth’s policy regarding the retention and disposal of records and the retention and disposal of electronic documents.

3: Administration

Attached as Appendix A is a Record Retention Schedule that is approved as the initial maintenance, retention and disposal schedule for physical records of The Guildry Incorporation of Perth and the retention and disposal of electronic documents. The officer in charge of the administration of this Policy and the implementation of processes and procedures must ensure that the Record Retention Schedule is followed. Modifications to the Record Retention Schedule may be made from time to time to ensure that it is in compliance with local and government laws and includes the appropriate document and record categories for The Guildry Incorporation of Perth; monitor local, and government laws affecting record retention; annually review the record retention and disposal program; and monitor compliance with this Policy.

Perth, Scotland

Perth on the River Tay

An ancient town and former Royal Burgh situated on the River Tay.

Then and now

Our Guildry was an early friendly society, it supported members who had fallen on hard times, infirm members, widows and students.

Nowadays the Guildry is a charitable organisation which continues to provide support for its members by way of bursaries, pensions etc. and also supports deserving local causes.